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Highland Park, Canyon Rim, and South Salt Lake

Although not so much as one cube of sugar was ever produced at the sugar mill responsible for the community's name, the Sugar House area evolved, over the course of time, into one of the sweet spots of the Salt Lake Valley.

Officially established in 1859, six years after Brigham Young led settlers down Emigration Canyon proclaiming this to be the place, Sugar House soon became known for its fine shopping and friendly atmosphere.

The name, which came at the suggestion of Margaret McMeans Smoot, was in accordance with the sugar mill that was under construction at the time.

One complication led to the next, however, and when equipment that was being shipped from Arras, France, never arrived the idea of the sugar mill was eventually scrapped. The building was subsequently used as a paper mill, woolen factory and bucket-and-tub works, so not all was lost.

Today, Sugar House remains one of Salt Lake City's treasured areas. While some long-time residents yearn for the simple days of yesteryear, the area continues to attract new residents seeking a strong community - and sense of the past.

As the central commercial area in the city, Sugar House attracted various businesses and services, making shopping a convenient and pleasurable experience for young and old alike.

Such a strong sense of community and tradition can still be found in the Sugar House area today. Turkey Days remains an annual event, although on a much smaller scale, and a new gathering - the Sugar House Street Festival. The street festival attracts various artists from around the state to display and peddle their wares. Good food and live music will also be the order of the day.

Sugar House also features two of the city's oldest public golf courses - Forrest Dale and Nibley Park. Both courses feature tree-lined fairways, uncommon on many of the newer courses in the city.

The major attraction is the old, established neighborhoods. These neighborhoods represent a good quality of life. When people move to Sugar House they talk about the uniqueness of the neighborhoods, the big, old trees, that's what attracted them to the area. The location of Sugar House can't be overlooked. Situated 10 minutes from downtown Salt Lake City and 15 minutes from the mouth of Big and Little Cottonwood canyons, few areas around the city can compare with its convenience.

So, you can see, Sugar House offers more than just convenient and varied shopping and an ideal location. It offers a past filled with tradition and charm, conditions still very much alive in the neighborhood today.

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