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Were it not for the quaintness of the architecture, the lazy trees that line the streets, the proximity to downtown Salt Lake City and the University of Utah, or the historic undertones that ooze from every crack in the sidewalk, the Avenues might be just another place to call one's home.

But, the fact remains, the Avenues possess all this and more, which is why, in large part, property values in the area continue to rise like houses up the hillside.

By definition, the avenues begin at the very place quality residential living in Salt Lake City took off some 100 years ago. By the late 1800's, South Temple had evolved into the first respected residential neighborhood in the Salt Lake Valley. Brigham Young, whose grid blueprint gave Salt Lake City its relatively simple and logical design, designated South Temple as the dividing line separating the residential area from the merchant district.

Aside from Young's residence, the stately Beehive House, and the Lion House, where Young's wives and children lived, South Temple was also the prime residential area for many influential citizens of the era, most of whom achieved their riches from the mining boom that hit the region between 1870 and 1880.

Property that had originally been earmarked for modest homes with large gardens, ultimately evolved into haven for the well-to-do.

One of the more prominent residents of South Temple in the early years was Thomas Kearns, who achieved his wealth from the Park City Silver mines. Kearns later became publisher of The Salt Lake Tribune and a U.S. Senator.

With the inherent growth Salt Lake City has experienced, it's surprising the Avenues have managed to retain the charm and simplicity of that bygone era. Restoration of historic homes has become increasingly popular, and tax incentives have been established to help encourage such activity.

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